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High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series
High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series

High Pressure Foam Gun for Karcher K2 - K7 Series

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The Foam Cannon for pressure washer use is the perfect choice for the professional car detailer or car enthusiast seeking to wash any vehicle using this amazing tool that produces unbelievable amounts of foam. The Foam Cannon sprays a very thick foam and completely covers the vehicle for the safest car washing experience. The Driveale Foam Gun allows you to wash the vehicle without even having to touch the vehicle, reducing the chances of creating holograms and scratches which are caused by rubbing dirt into the painted surfaces. 

The Foam Cannon is constructed for commercial use with any pressure washer. The innovative air injection system combines car wash shampoo with air to create a thick heavy spray of foam that clings to your vehicle's paint like wet winter snow. It's the perfect way to reduce swirls and maintain a brilliant finish. A beautiful feature about the Driveale Foam Gun is that it's Eco-Friendly! This foam cannon system uses less water than convention foam guns because it utilizes the power of air to create foam so thick you will think it's snowing! The Driveale Foam Gun is the perfect tool for the professional detailer. It cuts down time and effort associated with manual hand washing to increase production. 

Reduce Holograms and Scratches too! Swirl marks, scratches, and holograms are all caused by rubbing dirt and grime into the clear coat surface creating paint damage which results in a dull and un kept finish. The Driveale Foam Gun helps reduce swirls and scratches by allowing the operator to pre-treat the vehicle's surfaces by reducing any loose contamination. Lastly, the removal of dirt, road grime and dust from those hard-to-reach areas is easier than ever before! 

Foam Cannon Features: 

-Professional High Pressure Foam Lance with Bottle
-Shoots over 20 feet of dense foam
-Variable spray pattern, from pencil tip to fan jet
-Allows cleaning agents or disinfectants to be applied evenly over a large surface


Interface Material: This Snow Foam Car Clean Gun for Karcher K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 and K7 is perfectly suitable for people who wants to clean there car in a more beautiful way than others.


UPGRADED Foam Nozzle: Heavy duty brass core is much more thicker and heavier, plastic connector and the nozzle are tighter. Bigger foam which leads to more dense and thick. 

FILTER BLOCK: With filter on the end of the tube, filter particles in the soap or water. We pay attention to every detail. 

QUICK CONNECT NOZZLE: Quick disconnection fitting, save your time and money, easy to operate. 

PLEASE CHECK YOUR MACHINE before purchase the foam gun. 


Make sure you order the right one! 




Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

You are missing the fun of washing a car if you are not using a foam cannon. Using a foam cannon is not only fun, it is also faster, and does an excellent job of getting your car(s) clean with the least amount of effort. This is important if you wash your car in a clement that is hot and humid, were excursion maybe an issue. Here, using a foam cannon has additional benefits. For a moderately dirty car, the action of the foam will allow dirt to drop off the car without you having to touch the car with a wash mitt. For heavier dirt and grime, you may have to lightly use a wash mitt. So, let the soap do its work and don't rinse it off right away as you would using the standard method for washing your car. Additionally, using a foam cannon, I can wash three cars with light dirt within 30 minutes, with minimal effort. That is a major benefit for me. This way, I can give more TLC to my weekend toy, my Corvette. And yes, the Vette gets the foam cannon we well. Two things are required to use a foam cannon; A power washer, and proper car wash soap. About soap. Be sure to buy car wash soap designed for use with foam cannons. Otherwise, you will not get the foaming action needed for good cleaning. As me how I know this.


When combined with my Karcher K5, this gets five stars. The initial insertion did require more force than I thought necessary, so I would recommend attaching it to your wand without the soap container a few times to ensure it seats properly.
The dial does a good job of foam control, and once set has not required adjusting again.
Foam is good enough, but as others have stated, it does not remain super thick for long. However; to be fair I am using a relatively inexpensive car wash soap not designed specifically for foam guns, so my results may differ from your yours.
I may order soap designed for this type of application and update my results, but so far very pleased.


Awesome. Works perfect with my Karcher pressure washer. Foam that comes out is shaving cream thick. Definetly glad I bought this. Works with any automotive soap.


Awesome! I just did this test shot to see how well it works compared to the Karcher branded one. This is all it took to sell me on it. The bottle is VERY thick plastic no concern of it breaking like some of the others out there. Great purchase!

The soap in the picture is from a $6 bottle of Turtle Wax soap from the auto parts store. So don't waste your money on super expensive soap.


K'Archer pressure washers have a unique connector for attaching different attachments. This foam cannon attaches directly to my K'archer Electric Pressure Washer. I also purchased Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam to use with it. The Foam Cannon produces rich foam and the consistency is adjustable. I can soap up my whole car in about 30-40 seconds. All you have to do is add a small amount of car wash soap (about 1/2 cup and mix with warm water in the foam cannon bottle. Connect to the pressure washer and start foaming your car. You can easily wash 2 cars with the foam cannon filled. I love this product and am very happy with my purchase. It seems well made.